Legalizing Marijuana (Point/Counterpoint)
Legalizing Marijuana (Point/Counterpoint) by Paul Ruschmann
Legalizing Marijuana (Point/Counterpoint) Author: Paul Ruschmann
Title: Legalizing Marijuana (Point/Counterpoint)
ISBN: 1604136901
ISBN13: 978-1604136906
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Publisher: Chelsea House Pub; 2 edition (December 1, 2010)
Language: English
Category: Teen & Young Adult
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Subcategory: Personal Health

In the 1960s, marijuana was a symbol of protest, and the legal system's response to its influence pitted one generation against another. Today, public officials seek to maintain public support for the current policy of marijuana prohibition, even though many Americans believe the dangers of marijuana have been exaggerated. Those who contend that stringent marijuana laws do more harm than good urge lawmakers to follow the lead of countries that have adopted more liberal marijuana policies. With the passage of "medical marijuana" laws in some states, the debate has become more emotional because it pits two deeply held values—an individual's right to be left alone and the government's interest in protecting its citizens from harm—against one another. Read about these and other contentious issues in Legalizing Marijuana, Second Edition, which explains all sides of the issue and offers all of the statues, legal opinions, and studies readers need to structure a cohesive argument.