Bas Rutten's "Big Book Of Combat," Volume 2 pdf epub fb2

Bas Rutten's "Big Book Of Combat," Volume 2 by Bas Rutten, Stephen Quadros pdf epub fb2

Bas Rutten's "Big Book Of Combat," Volume 2 Author: Bas Rutten, Stephen Quadros
Title: Bas Rutten's "Big Book Of Combat," Volume 2
ISBN: 0974097314
ISBN13: 978-0974097312
Other Formats: lit doc lrf lrf
Pages: 550 pages
Publisher: Master Fighter; 1st edition (September 2002)
Language: English
Category: Sports & Outdoors
Size PDF version: 1901 kb
Size EPUB version: 1824 kb
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Bas Rutten’s awesome 3.5 pound quality bound Big Book Of Combat Volume 2 is jam packed with the most devastating grappling and No-Holds-Barred ground fighting techniques ever witnessed! Bas holds back nothing as he reveals all the secret moves that have brought him numerous World Championships against the deadliest No-Holds-Barred fighters! With over 500 pages and over 2500 high quality instructional photos, Bas Rutten will personally make you a master of ground combat and submissions whether in the street or in the ring. Complete your Bas Rutten Big Book Collection by ordering Volume 2 today and Master Rutten will personally autograph your copy. Hurry autographed copies are for a limited time only!

Bas Rutten’s Big Book of Combat Volume 2 include the following and Much More:

The worlds most devastating Chokes and Neck Cranks and how to execute them from any ground fighting position. This chapter includes hundreds of techniques guaranteed to submit your opponent with a winning choke or neck crank. Few people have the arsenal Bas Rutten has when it comes to this important subject!

Over 100 Arm, Shoulder, and Wrist Locks! Bas Rutten will open your eyes wide with the amazing techniques he demonstrates! You will quickly become master of arm, wrist, and shoulder locks as Bas Rutten personally takes you through all the fine details of arm submissions from any ground fighting position!

The painful art of leg, foot, and ankle locks. These are Master Rutten’s favorite leg breaking and submission techniques. This chapter alone is worth the price of the Book!

Taking Your Opponent's Back! Bas shows the techniques quickly taking your opponent's back at will when on the ground!

Reversals and Escapes from every position including the Mount, Guard, Half Guard, and side Mount whether you are on the top or bottom. Also shows numerous escapes from the deadliest submission holds. After studying this important chapter no one will ever control you in a ground fighting position or hold!

Stand-Up Striking combinations to Ground Fighting Submission holds. Teaches how to flow from Stand-Up to Grappling for the win. An awesome chapter by the King of Striking and Ground Combat!

The worlds best No-Holds-Barred Submission Holds. To many to mention, Bas Big Book Volume 2 has all you will ever need to become a master of ground combat!

Thai Banana Bag Training! This is the best work ever presented on how to properly train with the 6' long Thai Banana Bag! An important piece of equipment every fighter needs to train with.

Bas Photo Gallery! More great shots of Bas through out his career! Classic stuff!

How To Prepare For A Fight! Get ready for battle with Bas Rutten's personal fight preparation routine. It includes how to get mentally and physically ready for combat!

And Much, Much, More.