The Natural Religion
The Natural Religion by Brendan Connolly
The Natural Religion Author: Brendan Connolly
Title: The Natural Religion
ISBN: 095583130X
ISBN13: 978-0955831300
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Pages: 240 pages
Publisher: Emmer Publications (July 14, 2008)
Language: English
Category: Self-Help
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The Natural Religion describes the reality of our lives. It explains contradictions such as; why we are selfish, but also gain great satisfaction from helping others; why most of the sex we have is not intended to result in pregnancy; and, should we reject technology that sustains billions because some of its by-products are lethal? Have you ever asked yourself what life actually is, and whether our own existence has any meaning? In The Natural Religion, Brendan Connolly explains in plain, everyday language just how amazing life really is, the purpose of our existence, why death is as important as birth, and how our emotions influence our decisions. His explanations, unlike traditional religions, do not involve any spiritual beliefs, just our knowledge of ourselves. Tackling the crunch-points of human life, The Natural Religion faces up to the reality of providing extra food for the 100 million people that are added to our world population each year, and considers why alleviating poverty is in the interest of the rich as well as the poor. Backed up by more than 10 years of painstaking research, Dr. Connolly suggests a new religion based on the realities of life. The book provides answers to the great questions that traditional religions either did not discuss at all, or for which they could only guess the answer. The Natural Religion heralds a new dawn in the understanding of religions and, while respectful of other viewpoints, it is realistic and can be taken more seriously than traditional religions. The book encourages discussion of different opinions rather than demanding unquestioning acceptance. Its main aim is to improve the quality of life for us humans, the most amazing animal species on Earth.