Learning to Love: From Conflict to Lasting Harmony
Learning to Love: From Conflict to Lasting Harmony by Don Rosenthal, Martha Rosenthal
Learning to Love: From Conflict to Lasting Harmony Author: Don Rosenthal, Martha Rosenthal
Title: Learning to Love: From Conflict to Lasting Harmony
ISBN: 1402745273
ISBN13: 978-1402745270
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Pages: 256 pages
Publisher: Sterling (March 1, 2007)
Language: English
Category: Self-Help
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Subcategory: Relationships

What holds a couple together? Why are we afraid of intimacy? How can we keep our hearts open to one another in the midst of hurt and resentment? Based on nearly two decades of highly successful couples workshops, as well as the Rosenthals’ own 35 years as committed partners, this provocative book is a rare combination of timeless wisdom and practical guidance. Written in clear, accessible language, it offers workable strategies for listening to your partner with an open heart; asking for change; giving and receiving; dealing with anger; and releasing one’s own guilt, fear, and defensiveness. Yet it does all this with a spiritual depth that is both rare and compelling: Learning to Love is a spiritual guide to relationships that truly works. Its unique strength lies in showing partners how to use their inevitable conflicts as the means to a deeper intimacy. By directly addressing our human imperfections and messy, complex feelings, it shows how we can create an atmosphere of emotional safety and learn from one another.  The fruits of this process, to those willing to cultivate them, are the tools and resources that make the sharing of unconditional love a daily reality.