A Matter of Principle: The Hansen Series: Nicolas & Sydney, Book 3 (Volume 3) pdf epub fb2

A Matter of Principle: The Hansen Series: Nicolas & Sydney, Book 3 (Volume 3) by Kris Tualla pdf epub fb2

A Matter of Principle: The Hansen Series: Nicolas & Sydney, Book 3 (Volume 3) Author: Kris Tualla
Title: A Matter of Principle: The Hansen Series: Nicolas & Sydney, Book 3 (Volume 3)
ISBN: 1451503334
ISBN13: 978-1451503333
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Pages: 364 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 9, 2010)
Language: English
Category: Romance
Size PDF version: 1575 kb
Size EPUB version: 1798 kb
Subcategory: Historical

Watch all the Hansen Series book trailers here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ktualla/videos 4 STARS!!! This riveting novel shows that dirty politics have been around for a long time. The story is quite emotional, with plenty of action, and the characters have many serious problems, yet they also share much love and a fair amount of laughter. The time period is depicted quite realistically. It is helpful to have read the previous books featuring these characters. -Romantic Times Book Reviews January 2011 ****** St. Louis, Missouri 1821 Nicolas Hansen has returned from Norway determined to change the world. But when he runs for State Legislator in the brand-new state of Missouri, the enemies he made over the past two years aren't about to step quietly aside. Sydney has made enemies of her own, both by marrying Nicolas and by practicing midwifery. When a newspaper reporter makes it his goal to destroy them, Nicolas must rethink his path once again. But this time, it's a matter of principle. ****** Tualla has hit her stride in this, the third installment of the Nicolas & Sydney series. With the story revolving around Nicolas’ bid for a seat on the Missouri State Legislature in 1822, Tualla takes us on a wild ride of crooked politics, moral deceit, haunting pasts and the love that sees the two main characters through it all. The pace is quick and the unanswered questions keep you moving to the next page to discover the decision made or the truth revealed. The ending is satisfying, but uncertain till the final pages. But it is the characters that will draw you in. Be sure to read the first two books, A Woman of Choice and A Prince of Norway, to appreciate the entire back story for this tale. -Gerald Thomson A tale that embraces the heart with a fierce, emotional grasp and doesn’t let go. "A Matter of Principle" takes you to a time when men are true heroes, women show true strength, and true love lasts forever." -Kerri Nelson Best-Selling Author of "Miss Taken" Characters that live and breathe - off the pages and into your heart. -Amber Scott Best-Selling author of "Irish Moon" ABOUT THE HANSEN SERIES: In Historical Romances, there are countless "kilted warrior" stories... It's time for a new breed of heroes! Big, blond, buff and beautiful, with eyes the colors of seawater and the untamable blood of their Viking ancestors flowing through their veins. Do you feel it? The Hansen Men of Arendal, Norway ~ with stories from 1354 following the Black Death through the 1840's American west ~ are just such heroes. Come along and discover why: "Norway IS the New Scotland!"