Rowena Through the Wall: Expanded Edition pdf epub fb2

Rowena Through the Wall: Expanded Edition by Melodie Campbell pdf epub fb2

Rowena Through the Wall: Expanded Edition Author: Melodie Campbell
Title: Rowena Through the Wall: Expanded Edition
ISBN: 1926997522
ISBN13: 978-1926997520
Other Formats: azw lrf mobi lit
Pages: 262 pages
Publisher: Imajin Books (March 10, 2012)
Language: English
Category: Romance
Size PDF version: 1351 kb
Size EPUB version: 1793 kb
Subcategory: Time Travel

When Rowena falls through her classroom wall and lands in an alternate world, she doesn’t count on being kidnapped--not once, but twice--and the stakes get higher as the men get hotter. College instructor Rowena Revel has a magical gift with animals and a huge problem. Gorgeous tunic-clad men keep walking through the wall of her classroom. If that isn't enough, she's being haunted by sexy dreams in a rugged land. Curious, she checks out the wall and falls through a portal into the world of her dreams. After years of war, women are scarce. Rowena finds herself in a heap of man-trouble when she 'accidentally' marries distant cousin Ivan. Enter Cedric, who dabbles in black magic and has an even blacker heart. Throw in a Viking, the local wolf-king, a band of brigands and a goth-clad student who follows her through the portal, and Rowena is off on a rollicking adventure. Unwanted husbands keep piling up, but that doesn't stop her from falling for the wrong brother. Not only that, she has eighteen year old Kendra to look out for and a war to prevent. Good thing she has the ability to go back through the wall. Or does she? This new Expanded Edition comes with a brand new ending based on a sequel the author had planned but readers couldn't wait for. Reviews: "A hot, hilarious, romantic fantasy that enthralls you from the first line. If you enjoy Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, you'll adore Rowena and her riotous romps in an alternate world…" --Midwest Book Review, Betty Dravis, author of Dream Reachers "Time-travel romance with a rollicking sense of humour...A new dimension of romance in a parallel universe." --Lou Allin, author of She Felt No Pain "Filled with brutal, sword-swinging danger, yet sexy and funny, you'll be rooting for Row as she uses her head to stay alive and her heart to find love." --Kelsey Lewis, author of Hot and Bothered "Multi-published author, Melodie Campbell is a talented story teller. Her award-winning short stories pack a powerful punch and her alternate world fantasy novel, Rowena Through the Wall, is a rollicking, sexy romp through time." --Dee Lloyd, award-winning author of Out of Her Dreams "Rowena through the Wall is a wild ride of fantasy, with a lusty lady who male readers will wish had walked through a wall to them." --Mark Alldis, former editor Distant Suns fantasy magazine "Rowena is the most interesting, unique fictional character to come along since Lisbeth Salander. She is smart, witty, raunchy and down-to-earth...I can't wait for Book Two!" --Cathy Astolfo, author of Seventh Fire