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Ekam SAT 2 by K. R. Paramahamsa pdf epub fb2

Ekam SAT 2 Author: K. R. Paramahamsa
Title: Ekam SAT 2
ISBN: 1590958942
ISBN13: 978-1590958940
Other Formats: lrf azw mbr mobi
Pages: 256 pages
Publisher: TotalRecall Publications (May 1, 2005)
Language: English
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Size PDF version: 1686 kb
Size EPUB version: 1682 kb
Subcategory: Religious Studies

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Ekam Sat 2 The Gita literature in Sanskrit is the spontaneous outpouring of the sages and seers that have realized the Self. It is the expression of their direct experience of the Divine - the Self, the Brahman, the Atman in whatever way IT is apprehended in their supreme consciousness. It is, therefore, no surprise that every Gita sets realization of the Self as its ideal. All of them point to one Truth, the only Truth - Ekam Sat. The Bhagavad-Gita is the most widely known classic of Sanatana-dharma, translated and commented upon by hundreds of spiritual seekers in almost every language in the world. The Hindu monks who are the torch-bearers of the Sanatana-dharma have either translated and / or commented upon a few of the other Gitas in English. It may be that many of the Gitas remain to be given free translation and brief commentary in English for an easy understanding of their spirit, for the benefit of aspirants not knowing Sanskrit We bring out a series of volumes titled Ekam Sat containing free translation in English of each verse of all the available Gitas other than the Bhagavad-Gita, with brief commentary wherever necessary. The idea is that the translation is true reflection of the spirit of the verse (sloka) in Sanskrit as far as practicable, and the commentary is consistent with the central thought of the Gita. The division of each Gita into chapters may be arbitrary, but indicative of the subject handled therein. Ekam Sat 1, the first volume of the series containing Ashtavakra-Gita and Avadhuta-Gita, has already been published. Ekam Sat 2, the second volume of the series, contains a detailed exposition of the Anu-Gita and the Uddhava-Gita. The translation into English of each sloka (verse) of the two Gitas is rendered corresponding to the verse of the text in Sanskrit of the Gita concerned. Explanatory paragraphs are added wherever considered necessary, to elaborate the essence of the content of the verse from the point of view of Monism. About the Series Ekam Sat is the name of the series of Gita literature other than Bhagavad-Gita. Ekam Sat 4 is a compilation of five Gitas - Vasishta-Gita, Rishabha-Gita, Agastya-Gita, Sruti-Gita & Bhikshu-Gita. Currently Published Ekam Sat 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 are published containing 19 Gitas. About the Author Table of Contents Anu-Gita 1: Anu-Gita 2: Brahma-gita 3: Guru-Sishya-Samvada Uddhava -Gita 01: Krishna on the Eve of His Ascension 02: Krishna's Instruction 03: Krishna's Instruction 04: Krishna's Instruction 05: Limitations of Vedic Ritualism 06: Bondage and Freedom 07: Holy Association 08: The Song of the Swan 09: Means of Spiritual Fulfillment 10: Siddhis or Psychic-powers 11: Manifestations of Divine Glory 12: Varnashrama: Brahmacharin and Grihastha 13: Varnashrama: Vanaprastha and the Sannyasin 14: The Spiritual Goal 15: Ways of Realization 16: Virtue and Vice 17: The Atman 18: The Mendicant's Realization 19: The Philosophy of Creation and Dissolution 20: Gunas and Freedom from them 21: Exhortation to Avoid Evil Company 22: Kriya-Yoga or Devotional Ritualism 23: Jnana-Yoga 24: Concluding Instruction to Uddhava