The Intruders pdf epub fb2

The Intruders by Pat Montandon pdf epub fb2

The Intruders Author: Pat Montandon
Title: The Intruders
ISBN: 0207957169
ISBN13: 978-0207957161
Other Formats: mobi lrf azw doc
Pages: 288 pages
Publisher: TBS The Book Service Ltd; 1st ed edition (September 23, 1976)
Language: English
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Size PDF version: 1503 kb
Size EPUB version: 1614 kb
Subcategory: Occult & Paranormal

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THE INTRUDERS is the harrowing story of a near fatal encounter with the forces of darkness and malevolence. Pat Montandon, well known West Coast TV talk show hostess, had no reason to believe in the power of the supernatural - either for good or for evil - when she moved into a spacious apartment in a town house overlooking San Francisco Bay, an apartment that appeared to offer sanctuary from her stressful career. Instead, as bizarre incident followed incident, climaxing in the tragic death by fire of her closest friend, she was forced to acknowledge that she was locked in a mortal struggle with dark and menacing forces. A true story, as riveting in its way as The Exorcist, this account will intrigue all those drawn by the continuing fascination of the occult. Charming, articulate Pat Montandon - one of San Francisco's best known party givers in a city where entertaining is a way of life - was caught up, along with her guests, in the color and gaiety of an "astrology party" when something went dangerously awry. A tarot reader, hired to entertain, took umbrage instead at what he considered Pat's slighting. as he and his uninvited entourage swept out of the party, the furious man shrieked a curse on hostess and house alike. Over the next two years Pat Montandon suffered an uncanny sequence of misfortunes - misfortunes she could account for only as emanating from some malevolent influence. Her apartment was repeatedly vandalized and fire ravaged, her car smashed several times, her career disrupted, her romances blighted. A biting chill pierced her apartment year round, despite repeated attempts to repair the heating system, and casement windows, locked from within, suddenly stood open. Psychic investigators who have studied the house as well as Pat Montandon's own aura, have found bizarre and inexplicable phenomena. An exorcism has been performed, and Pat Montandon is now successfully recuperating from her life and death duel with dark forces. THE INTRUDERS is an eerie true life account of the supernatural - a story told by a doubter who now can't not believe.