Britannica Book of the Year 2002
Britannica Book of the Year 2002 by Britannica Editors
Britannica Book of the Year 2002 Author: Britannica Editors
Title: Britannica Book of the Year 2002
ISBN: 0852298129
ISBN13: 978-0852298121
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Pages: 936 pages
Publisher: Encyclopedia Britannica Inc (March 2002)
Language: English
Category: Reference
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Subcategory: Encyclopedias & Subject Guides

The Complete Year in Review

From auto racing to terrorism... J-Lo to arms control..."Mad Cow" disease to archaeological findings in Africa... the 2002 Britannica Book of the Year® brings together the unforgettable events of 2001. After a full year of reviewing articles, consulting experts in pertinent fields, and honing in on Britannica’s extensive database, Britannica editors carefully evaluate, and hotly debate, what to include. The end result is in-depth coverage on the most important stories of the year.

So much happened in 2001 that literally changed the way so many of us live. You’ll find the 2002 Britannica Book of the Year is a valuable resource that helps us to understand what transpired and how it continues to affect our lives. Both probing and illuminating, this commemorative keepsake makes a wonderful addition to any home library and is a "must-have" for Encyclopaedia Britannica® print set owners.

Explore the incredible range of topics and issues — social issues, religion, art, science, business, crime, military affairs, and much more. Below is just a sample of what you’ll find in the 2002 Britannica Book of the Year.

Our Special Reports section features in-depth articles written by some of the finest minds across the world. This year, read about the September 11 U.S. terror attacks, Hoof and Mouth Disease, and more.

In the Biography section, you’ll find profiles of the distinguished, celebrated, and notorious. Highlights include actress Sarah Jessica Parker, U.S. President George W. Bush, literary voice Susan Sontag, and many more.

Among those remembered in the Obituary pages are make-up maven Mary Kay Ash, rock and roll icon George Harrison, and "father of the information age" Claude Elwood Shannon.

World Affairs covers topics as diverse as the defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan to the earthquakes and mud slides that left hundreds of thousands homeless in El Salavador.

In a lighter vein, Sports And Games provides details on Michael Jordan’s return to basketball and cyclist Lance Armstrong’s inspiring third win of the Tour de France.

The World Data section is a fact-lover’s paradise. It provides statistical data — social, economic, and financial — on some 217 countries and dependencies throughout the world.