1000 Americans: The Real Rulers of the U.S.A. pdf epub fb2

1000 Americans: The Real Rulers of the U.S.A. by George Seldes pdf epub fb2

1000 Americans: The Real Rulers of the U.S.A. Author: George Seldes
Title: 1000 Americans: The Real Rulers of the U.S.A.
ISBN: 1615779000
ISBN13: 978-1615779000
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Pages: 324 pages
Publisher: Progressive Press (July 4, 2009)
Language: English
Category: Politics & Social Sciences
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Subcategory: Politics & Government

The Big Powers, Press, Plutocrats & Politics 1000 AMERICANS is loaded with explosive revelations of plans by that master-group of financiers and politicians often referred to cynically as 'the boys in the back room.' The author takes us boldly into all the nation's significant back rooms, the seamiest and the most sumptuous, and shows us where the real controls are concealed. We see not only how they are manipulated but also by whom. This daring account would seem a fantastic nightmare were it not so fully documented from unimpeachable sources. By George Seldes (1890-1995): crusading activist journalist and editor who knew world leaders personally, subject of the film, "Tell the Truth and Run." "George Seldes was the father of the alternative press." - I . F. Stone."There have been three great independent journalists in this century - Lincoln Steffens, I.F. Stone and George Seldes... The children and grandchildren of the "1000 Americans" that Seldes said control America still rule today." - Randolph T. Holhut Topics: Names names of those who control our institutions through the media and pressure groups. 99% of media push the agenda of the powerful and cover up suborning of the public interest and exploitation of the people by private influence. Example of Montana and Anaconda: the USA as a company town. The genesis of Time magazine; financed by Harriman and Morgan; covering up the Ambassador Page cable to Wilson in 1917, calling for war on Germany to serve Morgan financial interests. Conflict of interest between magazines and advertisers. Pro-Hitler line of Wall-Street-controlled newspapers. Commerce Secretary Hoover helps munitions makers circumvent the Geneva arms control conference. Dupont, ally of IG Farben and campaign funding champion, elects Hoover president. The white-washing of Wall Street. Each major industry dominated by a few corporations controlled by a few families like Rockefeller and Morgan. Financing of the Liberty League, the KKK, et al. Smedley Butler and the 1934 Morgan putsch against FDR. The Commission on Freedom of the Press condemns the press as liars and prostitutes. War profiteers destroy our hopes for a world of peace, prosperity and the American way. Table of Contents PART ONE: BIG POWERS 1. Enemies of America 2. Power, Press and Politics 3. JP Morgan Stops the St. Lawrence River 4. NAM-to-Press-to-Congress PART TWO: BIG MAGAZINES 5. The Magazine Press 6. The Morgan House and Magazines 7. Morgan Empire and Luce Empire 8. The Morgan Empire: Press Relations 9. The Seven Big Monthly Magazines 10 The Seven Big Weeklies PART THREE: BIG BUSINESS 11. Big Business in the War 12. duPont, Hoover and Hitler 13. The Top of the Pyramid 14. Who Buys the Elections? PART FOUR: BIG REACTION 15. Big Money Men 16. Big Money Organizations 17. The General Welfare in the Atomic Age APPENDICES 1. The 13 Most Powerful Families in America 2. The 12 super rulers of American industry 3. The power of the Big Eight banks 4. Forty-five corporations with more than $1,000,000,000 in assets 5. Noted names on the Morgan "preferred list" 6. JP Morgan & Co. and the St. Lawrence Seaway 7. JP Morgan & Co. and public power 8. The Page Cable 9. President Wilson on causes of wars 10. America's worst newspapers 11. DuPont influence on the American press 12. The newspaper press controls the majority of radio stations 13. Curtis Publishing Co. finances 14. Time ownership 15. The press in chains 16. Control of the NAM 17. Industrial espionage 18. NAM press relations 19. The NAM: National Association of Manufacturers 20. The first fascist plot to seize the U.S. Government 21. The fascist plot officially confirmed 22. The big subsidizers of American reaction and fascism 23. The suppressed U.S. War Department's expose of fascism