White Lies Dark Truth: Question Your Beliefs. Who Are You, Really? pdf epub fb2

White Lies Dark Truth: Question Your Beliefs. Who Are You, Really? by Mony Singh pdf epub fb2

White Lies Dark Truth: Question Your Beliefs. Who Are You, Really? Author: Mony Singh
Title: White Lies Dark Truth: Question Your Beliefs. Who Are You, Really?
ISBN: 1931741220
ISBN13: 978-1931741224
Other Formats: lrf lrf mbr doc
Pages: 214 pages
Publisher: Vedic Wisdom (November 1, 2003)
Language: English
Category: Politics & Social Sciences
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Size EPUB version: 1456 kb
Subcategory: Philosophy

Many books attempt to teach us how to live this life in love, peace and harmony. However, few thoroughly explain why we encounter outer obstacles and inner conflict. White Lies Dark Truth explains in detail how every person creates a belief system, starting at birth, based upon the influence of others. The ideas and concepts that we accept become belief structures ingrained in our consciousness. There are over six billion people on Earth, and all of them go through life believing as they do because of what they have been told. Each person measures their success and happiness according to someone else’s ideas, including those of their parents, their peers, the media, government, politics, and religion- just to name a few.

White Lies Dark Truth shows us that our conflicts spring from attempting to take newly discovered truths and fit them into an old belief structure that is made up of repetitions of half-truths, untruths, dogma, and illusions that have been passed down through the ages. The journey of discovery is one of personal transformation and conflicts can be resolved by exchanging truth for the white lies we have been taught. Our view of reality must change, if we are to survive. Based on author’s 23 years of research, study, and practice in both Eastern and Western philosophy White Lies Dark Truth: -Focuses on the physical and psychological impediments to happiness, success, peace, love, and spiritual growth; -Challenges the reader to examine their present belief structure;

-Guides readers through the self-discovery process;

-Helps readers assess where they are now and pinpoint areas in their lives that require change or further development;

-Suggests alternatives to traditional concepts, ideas and thinking.

Beginning with present awareness, White Lies Dark Truth embarks readers on a journey within. Imagine you are traveling to New York and there are many different routes to get there. The route you take depends upon the point where your journey begins. If you are not aware of where you are, there is a good chance you will choose the wrong route, become lost and frustrated, and have to start all over again.

Many topics are covered, including: thought and the mind, the power of the spoken word, love and relationships, marriage, sex, children, food, health and healing, money and politics, spirituality, the Guru or Master, death, and religion as the root cause of racism. Written in an informal manner, White Lies Dark Truth discusses personal and social topics that society as a whole considers taboo. Techniques and exercises given at the end of each chapter will help readers reprogram their minds and even question their own existence. White Lies Dark Truth offers a cleansing for the mind, body, and consciousness. It will help the reader find an abundant source of knowledge and wisdom within their consciousness. This will bring in more awareness, which is the key that opens the secret door to the mysteries of the universe. White Lies Dark Truth is not a spiritual candy for the holistic mind. It carries the required wisdom that can direct the course of humanity towards a higher state of consciousness bringing in love, peace and harmony on our planet.