Relativism and Monadic Truth pdf epub fb2

Relativism and Monadic Truth by Herman Cappelen pdf epub fb2

Relativism and Monadic Truth Author: Herman Cappelen
Title: Relativism and Monadic Truth
ISBN: 0199592489
ISBN13: 978-0199592487
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Pages: 160 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Reprint edition (November 19, 2010)
Language: English
Category: Other
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Subcategory: Humanities

Relativism has dominated many intellectual circles, past and present, but the twentieth century saw it banished to the fringes of mainstream analytic philosophy. Of late, however, it is making something of a comeback within that loosely configured tradition, a comeback that attempts to capitalize on some important ideas in foundational semantics. Relativism and Monadic Truth aims not merely to combat analytic relativism but also to combat the foundational ideas in semantics that led to its revival. Doing so requires a proper understanding of the significance of possible worlds semantics, an examination of the relation between truth and the flow of time, an account of putatively relevant data from attitude and speech act reporting, and a careful treatment of various operators. Throughout, Herman Cappelen and John Hawthorne contrast relativism with a view according to which the contents of thought and talk are propositions that instantiate the fundamental monadic properties of truth simpliciter and falsity simpliciter. Such propositions, they argue, are the semantic values of sentences (relative to context), the objects of illocutionary acts, and, unsurprisingly, the objects of propositional attitudes.