Navigating Right and Wrong pdf epub fb2

Navigating Right and Wrong by Daniel E. Lee pdf epub fb2

Navigating Right and Wrong Author: Daniel E. Lee
Title: Navigating Right and Wrong
ISBN: 0742513947
ISBN13: 978-0742513945
Other Formats: lrf azw mobi doc
Pages: 144 pages
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (October 16, 2002)
Language: English
Category: Other
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Size EPUB version: 1543 kb
Subcategory: Humanities

How should I live my life? Is there really anything that is inherently right or wrong? These may sound like simple questions, but finding answers to them is anything but simple-particularly in an age of ethical pluralism. In our multicultural, multiethnic world, is there any meaningful way to talk about moral obligations? Daniel Lee says yes. In Navigating Right and Wrong, this long-time ethicist and teacher helps us begin to reconcile our personal moral commitments with an openness to alternatives, with an eye to responsibly negotiating ethics and morality in our pluralistic age. Through concise, thoughtful prose and engaging anecdotes, Lee introduces readers to various philosophical and theological moral theories, ultimately arguing that we must embrace a faith-based ethics, or succumb to the alternative‚Äēethical subjectivism. In the final analysis, Lee asserts, we can do no more than acknowledge that the value claims we make are part of the faith we affirm, be it one that is explicitly religious or entirely secular in nature. Assuming no prior philosophical knowledge, Navigating Right and Wrong will be of use to general readers, students, and anyone else who has ever earnestly asked the question, Is there really anything that is right or wrong?