Mould's Movie Careers: Directors (v. 1) pdf epub fb2

Mould's Movie Careers: Directors (v. 1) by Paul Mould pdf epub fb2

Mould's Movie Careers: Directors (v. 1) Author: Paul Mould
Title: Mould's Movie Careers: Directors (v. 1)
ISBN: 0887349439
ISBN13: 978-0887349430
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Pages: 800 pages
Publisher: Players Press (May 1, 2003)
Language: English
Category: Other
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Size EPUB version: 1627 kb
Subcategory: Humanities

Detailed careers, year by year, of over 3,000 directors from 61 countries. Leading members of the cast are given for every film and also any nominations or awards for Best Director, Best Film or Best Foreign Language Film. Four indices help film buffs, quiz setters and crossword fanatics to make instant references and the directors are in alphabetical order. The first section of the book deals in much more detail with the 300 directors considered to be the most influential between 1911 and 2000. They are also included in the alphabetical section. The fuller details include honours received in a film by the cast, the scriptwriters, the cameramen or for a musical score or song; a director's favourite genre; flops that damage or ruin promising careers; replacement of directors or members of cast; debuts and swansongs of actors; death, while filming, of directors or cast-members; nepotism in casting; unusual quirks of casting and long-time collaborations between a director and a star or screenwriter, producer, cameraman, composer or song-writer.

If a director has been involved with other aspects of the cinema, it is indicated by a letter after his name: A for Actor, An for Animator, C for Choreographer, M for Music, Ph for Photographer, Pr for Producer and S for Scriptwriter.

The indices list Academy Awards™, most nominations, country of birth and number of films made with the same star.