Moon Cusser (Vietnam: Ground Zero) pdf epub fb2

Moon Cusser (Vietnam: Ground Zero) by Eric Helm pdf epub fb2

Moon Cusser (Vietnam: Ground Zero) Author: Eric Helm
Title: Moon Cusser (Vietnam: Ground Zero)
ISBN: 0373627157
ISBN13: 978-0373627158
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Pages: -
Publisher: Gold Eagle (November 1, 1988)
Language: English
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Size EPUB version: 1565 kb
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Someone is using the airwaves to lure U.S. soldiers into deadly traps. This mysterious radioman knows the commo system and speaks like an American. Each time he calls in air support, the chopper crews are found badly mutilated or dead. The psy-war team at Military Assistance Command in Saigon believes that the elusive enemy's grisly deeds are an attempt to undermine the U.S. war effort - when the disfigured survivors return to the World, they will serve as walking war posters. The "moon cusser's" gruesome acts are classified top-secret - especially from the media, and Special Forces Master Sergeant Anthony Fetterman is ordered to track down the perpetrator and take him alive. But Fetterman realizes he has only one option: smoke the bastard!