Joy ride to freedom (Banner books) pdf epub fb2

Joy ride to freedom (Banner books) by Jack C Waldon pdf epub fb2

Joy ride to freedom (Banner books) Author: Jack C Waldon
Title: Joy ride to freedom (Banner books)
ISBN: 0828001421
ISBN13: 978-0828001427
Other Formats: mbr lrf doc mbr
Pages: 93 pages
Publisher: Review and Herald Pub. Association (1983)
Language: English
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Warden Madden searched Jay's eyes. "Listen, Robbins, I don't think I have misjudged you. You're not like those inmates you associate with. You're in here doing two years for a noviolent crime. Its your first offense, and I'd like to see you do your time without any bad marks against your record. Now, all we're asking you to do is to help us break up the activities the Aryan Brotherhood is involved in. At the moment you're facing at least thirty days in solitary confinement. All we need is just a little information on what you know about these men. It could save you from doing that thirty days in the hole. What do you say?" "I'm sorry, Warden, but I can't help you." Jay Robbins had been searching for freedom. He had wound up in prison. Now he faced a month in solitary. But in confinement he would find absolute freedom. The only true freeedom there is.