Evolution and the Fossil Record pdf epub fb2

Evolution and the Fossil Record by John Pojeta Jr., Dale Springer pdf epub fb2

Evolution and the Fossil Record Author: John Pojeta Jr., Dale Springer
Title: Evolution and the Fossil Record
ISBN: 0922152578
ISBN13: 978-0922152575
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Pages: 26 pages
Publisher: American Geological Institute (January 1, 2001)
Language: English
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Evolution and the Fossil Record, an eye-catching booklet produced by the American Geological Institute in cooperation with the Paleontological Society, aims to help the general public gain a better understanding of one of the fundamental underlying concepts of modern science. This booklet has many colorful photos, drawings, and illustrations which complement the authors' conversational style as they discuss geologic time; change through time; Darwin's theory of evolution; evolution as a mechanism for change; the nature of species; the nature of theory; paleontology, geology, and evolution; and determining the age of fossils and rocks. Four "case study" examples from the fossil record - evolution of vertebrate legs, evolution of birds, evolution of mammals, and evolution of whales - are presented to provide a time perspective for understanding the evolution of life on Earth. This non-technical introduction to evolution contains straightforward definitions as well as discussions of complex ideas.