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Meg Author: Steve Alten
Title: Meg
ISBN: 0747223696
ISBN13: 978-0747223696
Other Formats: mobi txt lrf mobi
Pages: 308 pages
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing (June 12, 1997)
Language: -
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Size PDF version: 1317 kb
Size EPUB version: 1780 kb
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense

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Seven miles beneath an isolated section of the Pacific Ocean, where hydrothermal vents called black smokers spew 700-degree mineral rich steam into the sea, a prehistoric predator thrives. In that lightless, hellish abyss, the most fearsome phylum imaginable has survived for 100 million years: Megalodon, sixty-foot, twenty-ton progenitors of today's Great White sharks.Professor Jonas Taylor, paleontologist and former deep-sea submersible pilot, has spent years lecturing and writing about Meg, trying to forget the unforgettable mission that convinced him of this monster's existence. On a top-secret dive into the ocean's deepest canyon, Taylor found himself face-to-face with a shark so large that its ten-foot jaws would have snapped his sub in two. In a state of shock, Taylor surfaced too quickly and barely survived a severe battle with the bends. His colleagues were not as lucky. With no other survivors to confirm his discovery, Taylor was labeled a crackpot and a coward.But when a number of high-tech deep-sea probes are mysteriously disabled, Taylor is brought in to investigate. He reluctantly agrees to lead another dive into the Meg's lair, and gets more confirmation of his suspicions than he ever bargained for. A forty-five-foot Meg emerges from the deep and gets ensnared in the probe's cables, drawing blood. An even larger, female Meg attacks her companion and as the mother ship starts to reel in the probe cable, the monstrous Meg continues to feed. Enveloped in the stream of the carcass' warm blood, she survives the freezing ocean layers until she reaches the tropical heat of the Pacific's surface. Now the water world is hers. And only one man has the knowledge and expertise to stop her from destroying it.