The Clay-Shaper's Husband (Codhill Press) pdf epub fb2

The Clay-Shaper's Husband (Codhill Press) by Michael Meyerhofer pdf epub fb2

The Clay-Shaper's Husband (Codhill Press) Author: Michael Meyerhofer
Title: The Clay-Shaper's Husband (Codhill Press)
ISBN: 1930337361
ISBN13: 978-1930337367
Other Formats: mobi azw mbr lit
Pages: 38 pages
Publisher: Codhill Press (February 25, 2008)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
Size PDF version: 1777 kb
Size EPUB version: 1266 kb
Subcategory: Poetry


I am tired of hearing about dogsused as metaphors for the uncivilized.Imagine a world in which humans

possessed at least twenty timesas many olfactory receptors, able to distinguish the tang of cancerrising musk-like from the bedsheetsnext to a smoldering ash tray, able to detect that one drop of blood

in every five quarts of water, to know what you did last nightno matter how many times

you soap-scrubbed the evidence.It does not take savagerybut more love than we can muster

to lick the hand you've sniffed, to love despite the perfume of sinswe wear each day like a halo.