Liar's Fire: A Cooper Brothers Novel pdf epub fb2

Liar's Fire: A Cooper Brothers Novel by Dee Burks pdf epub fb2

Liar's Fire: A Cooper Brothers Novel Author: Dee Burks
Title: Liar's Fire: A Cooper Brothers Novel
ISBN: 1934606057
ISBN13: 978-1934606056
Other Formats: docx lrf doc mbr
Pages: 272 pages
Publisher: TAG Publishing LLC (November 24, 2010)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
Size PDF version: 1699 kb
Size EPUB version: 1601 kb
Subcategory: Women's Fiction

Three Dates. Three Hours. No Commitment. No Kidding. It seemed like a really good idea at the time to Serena Finley, editor of the Cranfield Reporter-Star. Faking a romance couldn't be that hard could it? No one said it had to be real and if everyone thought she was in love, they'd stop hounding her to find a man. Serena knew she could do this and no one would ever be the wiser - best case scenario. Then Tyler Cooper walked into her life and best case scenario became iffy. He fit her idea of Mr. Wrong in every way. From a failing business, to limited social skills, Tyler would never have made her list of datable men. He was a cowboy for heaven's sake, who probably wouldn't know cashmere if it bit him in the butt. But she needed his help and he needed hers, which made him perfect. Until tonight. Somewhere in the midst of the pretend and the lies, her heart had been drawn to his. His kisses stirred her soul while his friendship gave her the strength to deal with old hurts and past heartaches. Serena knew this had no future. She was bound for Manhattan; Tyler was determined to stay in Texas. Would she risk everything for a chance at real love? Or walk away from this flame with her heart in ashes?