Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt pdf epub fb2

Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt by James Baikie, Constance Baikie pdf epub fb2

Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt Author: James Baikie, Constance Baikie
Title: Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt
ISBN: 1444458175
ISBN13: 978-1444458176
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Pages: 60 pages
Publisher: ValdeBooks (January 5, 2010)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
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Subcategory: Classics

Excerpt: ...his head be struck off." But Dedi said, "Long life to your Majesty; do not try it on a man. Let us try a bird or an animal." So a goose was brought; its head was cut off; and the head was laid at the east side of the hall, and the body at the west. Then Dedi rose, and spoke wonderful words. And, behold! the body of the goose waddled to meet the head, and the head came to meet the body. They joined together before his Majesty's throne, and the goose stood up and cackled (Plate 8). Then, when Dedi had joined to its body again the head that had been struck off from an ox, and the ox followed him lowing, King Khufu said to him, "Is it true, O Dedi, that you know the plans of the house of Pg 45 God?" "It is true, your Majesty; but it is not I who shall give them to you." "Who, then?" said the King. "It is the eldest of three sons who shall be born to the lady Rud-didet, wife of the priest of Ra, the Sun-God. And Ra has promised that these three sons shall reign over this kingdom of thine." When King Khufu heard that word, his heart was troubled; but Dedi said, "Let not your Majesty's heart be troubled. Thy son shall reign first, then thy son's son, and then one of these." So the King commanded that Dedi should live in the house of Prince Hordadef; and that every day there should be given to him a thousand loaves, a hundred jugs of beer, an ox, and a hundred bunches of onions! When the three sons of Rud-didet were born, Ra sent four goddesses to be their godmothers. They came attired like travelling dancing-girls; and one of the gods came with them, dressed like a porter. And when they had nursed the three children awhile, Rud-didet's husband said to them, "My ladies, what wages shall I give you?" So he gave them a bushel of barley, and they went away with their wages. But when they had gone a little way, Isis, the chief of them, said, "Why have we not done a wonder for these children?" So they stopped, and made crowns, the red crown and the white crown...