The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game pdf epub fb2

The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game by Lou Krieger, Sheree Bykofsky pdf epub fb2

The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game Author: Lou Krieger, Sheree Bykofsky
Title: The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game
ISBN: 0818406607
ISBN13: 978-0818406607
Other Formats: mobi docx mbr doc
Pages: 224 pages
Publisher: Lyle Stuart (December 1, 2006)
Language: English
Category: Humor & Entertainment
Size PDF version: 1645 kb
Size EPUB version: 1802 kb
Subcategory: Puzzles & Games

In the exciting world of poker, arguments break out by the minute in card rooms across the country. There are scores of rules concerning fairness and etiquette, and they vary from place to place. There are some rules that are generally accepted, but sometimes card room managers and tournament directors just don't know them or fail to make their policies known. Typically, tempers flare and cards go flying. Finally, here's the solution.

THE RULES OF POKER comprehensively lays out all of the rules and provides, whenever possible, varying rules, with the authors' preferred rules first. Includes a thorough and easy-to-use index. Throughout the book are sidebars with anecdotes from dealers, players, and poker room staff around the world about fights that have broken out and how they were settled.

Other games and sports have official rules of etiquette, but until now, no such single book has been accepted in the world of poker. Through interviews, research and personal experience, with a dash of fun and a lot of authority, Lou Krieger and Sheree Bykofsky offer to the world of poker THE book that will settle poker arguments and allow players to concentrate on the business at hand--scooping up large sums of money.