Quick and Easy Texas Hold'em-Includes Instructional DVD pdf epub fb2

Quick and Easy Texas Hold'em-Includes Instructional DVD by Neil Myers pdf epub fb2

Quick and Easy Texas Hold'em-Includes Instructional DVD Author: Neil Myers
Title: Quick and Easy Texas Hold'em-Includes Instructional DVD
ISBN: 0818406534
ISBN13: 978-0818406539
Other Formats: azw txt docx mobi
Pages: 240 pages
Publisher: Lyle Stuart; Pap/DVD edition (August 1, 2005)
Language: English
Category: Humor & Entertainment
Size PDF version: 1346 kb
Size EPUB version: 1860 kb
Subcategory: Puzzles & Games

QUICK AND EASY TEXAS HOLD'EM—with instructional DVD—teaches the essentials of low-limit hold'em poker, from basic concepts such as starting hands and position to the subtle strategies of reading games and outfoxing opponents. In this entertaining and easy-to-follow guide, aspiring players get comprehensive explanations and no-nonsense analysis of the most common situations they will encounter at the poker table, written by someone who knows the low-limit game inside out. Self-made poker expert Neil Myers gives readers the real truth about what it takes to win the low-limit game:

·Which hands to play, when and how to play them

·What size bankroll you’ll need

·Which games to play and which to avoid

·Poker room etiquette

·And an instructional DVD to bring these lessons to life!

Complete with one of the most extensive glossaries to ever appear in any poker book, this is this book that will enable you to learn hold’em poker more quickly and easily than you would have thought possible. After reading this book, you will be able to play at poker tables everywhere—in poker rooms and neighborhood poker games, in casinos and online—and discover the thrill, challenge, and excitement of poker’s most exciting game.


·Complete Beginners: If you have never played any form of poker before, fear not. You don't have to learn another poker style before becoming proficient at Texas Hold 'Em. This volume will prove an ideal primer.

·Players Who Have Played a Little Poker: If you have played some poker of any type, either as a youth, in college, with friends or family, and want to learn about this most popular and exciting form of poker, you will find in this book everything you need to become a good player. You will learn what real poker players need to know and how the casino game differs from a home game. You will learn what makes Texas Hold 'Em different from other poker games and why it's so much fun to play. You will learn a conservative but winning method of play.

· Players Who Have Played Another Form of Poker and Wish to Learn Texas Hold 'Em: You play other styles of poker—perhaps quite well—but have as yet not tried Texas Hold 'Em. This may be because up to now you have only played say, Seven Card Stud and have decided to expand your poker horizons. This book will be very valuable because it will stop you making the common mistakes that stud players make when they try Hold 'Em for the first time. You will learn what makes community card poker unique and how card values and starting hands are different from those of other poker games. You will learn a solid style of play that you can use as the foundation for going on to bigger games if you wish.

· Players Who Have Played Some Texas Hold 'Em But Are Losing Consistently: You’ve got the bug. You somehow learned and began playing Texas Hold 'Em, but your game is full of holes. You are losing money and not having fun doing so; other players are beating you up at the table and you want it to stop. This book will turn you from a 98-pound poker weakling into a he-man (or woman) at the Low Limit Tables. You will no longer have sand kicked in your face! If you follow the book carefully, you will realize why you have been losing, and you will know exactly what to do about it. You will realize that poker is a game of skill, not chance, and that you can become a skillful player by following the methods I describe.

· Players Who Want To Play Casino Poker For The First Time: You've seen it on TV; your friends are doing it; your neighbors are at it and so are your work colleagues—even your mother-in-law; they're going off to the casino to play poker! Are you feeling left out? Well, now you can join in the fun—because this book will show you everything you need to know to play poke in a casino or public card room. By using this book, you will save years gaining painful "experience" and save a ton of money that is normally lost by novices when they play in card rooms for the first time. You will no longer feel overwhelmed, and by studying and applying the methods in this book, you will have a far more enjoyable time when at a casino than you would have playing slots, roulette or blackjack. You won't be playing an unbeatable game against the house, but playing a game of skill against other players. You will be able to dominate most low-limit games.

·Higher-Stakes Players Who Wish to Learn About Low-Limit Texas Hold 'Em: If you play mid-stakes or higher stakes poker in another game, you may decide to try your hand at Hold 'Em. This book will explain why the low-limit game has to be played differently from the mid-and high-limit games if you want to win. It also shows why you may at times prefer to play in lower-limit games. It may even tell you things you never knew or remind you of things you did, but have since forgotten.

·The Intellectually Curious: Are you the type who is fascinated by all human endeavor? Then for goodness' sake, pick up another book and stop reading about poker, unless you intend to play! What are you, nuts? Read about something else like philosophy, history, ethics or stamp collecting. This book is for people who want to play!

Neil D. Myers is a self-made poker player. He honed his skills in private poker clubs and Atlantic City’s casinos. For years, he made a comfortable side income playing low-limit games. When he is not playing poker, Neil is a sales and marketing consultant.