The Sjovold Site (Mercury Series)
The Sjovold Site (Mercury Series) by Ian Dyck, Richard E. Morian
The Sjovold Site (Mercury Series) Author: Ian Dyck, Richard E. Morian
Title: The Sjovold Site (Mercury Series)
ISBN: 0660140330
ISBN13: 978-0660140339
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Pages: 624 pages
Publisher: Canadian Museum of Civilization; 1st Ed edition (January 1, 1995)
Language: English
Category: History
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The remarkable echievements of the Maya equal those of the Egyptians, the Chinese, and the Greeks. This culture, which began evolving over 4,000 years ago, developed into highly structured kingdoms during the Classic period, A.D. 250-900. Their complex society consisted of many independent states, each with a rural farming community and large urban sites built around civic centres with plazas, temples, and monuments. The Maya perfected a writing system that recorded their beliefs and historical events, used sophisticated mathematics for their calendars and astronomy, and built massive structures strategically pla ed to reflect their sense of cosmic order. Summarizing the work of archaeologists, linguist, and contemporary Maya, this illustrated book gives a lively account of the evolution of Maya civilization.