Canadian Establishment Volume 1 pdf epub fb2

Canadian Establishment Volume 1 by Peter C. Newman pdf epub fb2

Canadian Establishment Volume 1 Author: Peter C. Newman
Title: Canadian Establishment Volume 1
ISBN: 0771067771
ISBN13: 978-0771067778
Other Formats: mobi azw lrf mbr
Pages: -
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart (October 1, 1989)
Language: English
Category: History
Size PDF version: 1319 kb
Size EPUB version: 1355 kb
Titans: How the New Canadian Establishment Seized Power

They are the peerless thousand: the people who really run Canada. Secretive and tough-minded, they are one thousand businessmen dedicated to preserving their status quo. Author Peter C Newman calls them 'this country's non-elected government', and if there's anyone who knows government in Canada, it's Peter Newman. The most compelling, accomplished, and clearsighted journalist in the country, he know who has power, how they achieved it, how they hold on to it, and how they use and abuse it.

In this fascinating, authoritative account---a sensational number one bestseller in its original edition---Newman takes you into the very marrow of the Canadian establishment to meet the members of the rarefied top rank. Containing a new introduction, this brilliant and revealing study traces the elaborate personal interconnections between members of the power elite, describes the way authority is transferred, and illustrates the methods used to insure that power remains with the select.