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Title: The Pink Swastika (The Pink Swastika, 5th Edition)
ISBN: 0964760975
ISBN13: 978-0964760974
Other Formats: docx txt lrf txt
Pages: 387 pages
Publisher: Veritas Aeterna; revised with new documentation edition (January 2002)
Language: English
Category: History
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Size EPUB version: 1434 kb
Subcategory: World

In 1995, we published the 1st Edition of The Pink Swastika to counter historical revisionism by the homosexual political movement which had been attempting since the 1970s to fabricate a “Gay Holocaust” equivalent to that suffered by the Jews in Nazi Germany. We succeeded in stopping that campaign, indirectly forcing the “gays” to abandon the pink triangle as the primary symbol of their movement. (They switched to the rainbow.) Intense public interest in our work, however, prompted us to publish subsequent expanded editions.

Fifteen years have passed since we published the current 5th Edition, but our research into this topic has never stopped. With our file drawers now bursting with additional material, we have decided it is time to prepare a new edition of our book.

This Special 5th Edition is designed to once-and-for-all silence the less-than-honest critics of our work by emphasizing the strength and trustworthiness of our documentation. Each book will also include a new section that highlights our sources.

Due to the substantial volume of new material which we have added to this work, and the fact that we have not yet completed the revisions of the later chapters, we are publishing this edition as a series of books. This volume, Book One, The Homosexual Roots of the Nazi Party, is a significantly expanded version of what was Chapter One in the 4th Edition. The forthcoming Book Two will combine expanded versions of Chapters Two and Three of the 4th Edition. The former Chapter Four will be published as Book Three, and so on.

At the completion of this series we will re-publish all of the books of the 5th Edition plus bonus material in a final consolidated Hardbound Collector's 6th Edition which will mark the end of what will then be a quarter century of research and writing on this topic.

Happy Reading to All!

Scott Lively [email protected]

Kevin Abrams a[email protected]