DNA and the Quantum Choice
DNA and the Quantum Choice by Kishori Aird
DNA and the Quantum Choice Author: Kishori Aird
Title: DNA and the Quantum Choice
ISBN: 2980744158
ISBN13: 978-2980744150
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Pages: 300 pages
Publisher: Institut Kishori; First Edition edition (June 14, 2006)
Language: English
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
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Subcategory: Alternative Medicine

Since anything is possible in quantum physics, we have power over matter. The more we dare to command what we want, the more we will build a connection in harmonious resonance with the entire universe. Let us make new resolutions, but not like those New Year's resolutions where we promise ourselves to become better. Rather, let us make choices based on our preferences. Once our intentions and our outlook have been clearly defined, the entire universe enters into resonance with them and reinforces them by vibrating at the same frequency. As soon as we choose a command based on our deepest needs, we bring this reality into being in our lives. That is the way of the matter of the universe. <P>The protocols on quantum choice enable us to redefine and recode in our DNA this stable relationship between our external reality and the influence we have upon its structure