The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Reiki: One Source, One Spirit pdf epub fb2

The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Reiki: One Source, One Spirit by Ruth Mayeux Allen Ph.D. pdf epub fb2

The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Reiki: One Source, One Spirit Author: Ruth Mayeux Allen Ph.D.
Title: The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Reiki: One Source, One Spirit
ISBN: 1456507478
ISBN13: 978-1456507473
Other Formats: lrf lit rtf mbr
Pages: 234 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 12, 2011)
Language: English
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
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Subcategory: Alternative Medicine

Descriptive title for the cover only: Interconnecting Theology, Science, and the Practice of Reiki. Book Description: Many may think that the hands-on healing practice of Reiki is, by its very nature, at odds with Christian theology and science. There is, in fact, resounding reason to view these three belief systems as wondrously interconnected. To that end, The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Reiki, Dr. Ruth Allen’s thoughtful elegant and personal exploration, offers a compelling, compassionate case for incorporating the practice of Reiki into physical and psychological healing methods that are in keeping with Christian theology, and sanctioned by the nation’s top medical professionals. Framing the book around her background as a highly skeptical scientist with little interest in the healing arts, Allen charts her personal journey from reluctant rookie to Reiki master, with the ultimate goal of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing. Her story begins on the eve of her birthday, when she and her husband are involved in a car accident, from which she suffers a traumatic finger injury that will not heal. When a colleague offers her a Reiki session, Allen is at first unconvinced, until her doctor unwraps her bandage to reveal a markedly healed wound. From there, while she is still somewhat dubious, Allen experiences astounding events that draw her deeper and deeper into the practice of Reiki. As these perplexing yet indisputable experiences persist, she accepts her remarkable gift, or charism, to channel a divine energy in order to console and heal. From accelerating post-operative healing for her husband to offering a dear friend respite from the pain of terminal cancer, Allen is time and again shown that her calling is more than a personal choice. All the while, Allen reminds the reader that, in her role as a Reiki practitioner, she serves a greater power—God—and is but a conduit for the flowing of a higher energy to others or to even herself. In the vocation of hospital chaplain, Allen assists in the healing and comforting of numerous patients. She states that when patients accept her offer to say a prayer, she holds their hands and feels unconditional love for them. Consequently and automatically Reiki energy—divine energy—flows from her hands to the patient. Beyond sharing her path from a doubting scientist to a Reiki master and hospital chaplain, Allen provides background on the emergence of Reiki and its interplay with Christian tradition. The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Reiki details the methodology of the practice, the process of attunement, and the elements of a Reiki session. The book also illustrates how Reiki has proven successful in hospice, psychotherapy, and spiritual direction, and discusses distance healing. Ultimately, Allen succeeds in weaving together theology, science, and Reiki by exploring healing in the Christian tradition, and addressing current objections by organized religion. In using her own personal trajectory, launched by a collision and culminating in an ongoing gentle touch, Allen shares a singular story certain to intrigue, inspire, and facilitate anyone who seeks solace in healing—at any level—for themselves and their loved ones.