Voyage Of The Capricorn Lady: The Shadow Of His Smile- Book II pdf epub fb2

Voyage Of The Capricorn Lady: The Shadow Of His Smile- Book II by Judith Gilman pdf epub fb2

Voyage Of The Capricorn Lady: The Shadow Of His Smile- Book II Author: Judith Gilman
Title: Voyage Of The Capricorn Lady: The Shadow Of His Smile- Book II
ISBN: 1413476341
ISBN13: 978-1413476347
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Pages: 440 pages
Publisher: Xlibris, Corp. (July 28, 2005)
Language: English
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
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VOYAGE OF THE CAPRICORN LADY BOOK TWO The Shadow of His Smile Voyage of the Capricorn Lady, Book Two, The Shadow Of His Smile, continues the true story about a Caribbean Charter yacht couple, Captain Judith Gilman and her husband, Captain Dan T. Gilman III. After they lost their business and almost all their personal possessions in central Florida, they sailed away on an aging wooden sailboat, finding a new life in the Crewed Charter Industry in the Virgin Islands.

The first book, Voyage of the Capricorn Lady, Book One, Lost at Sea with Daniel T., recounts Dan and Judi’s miraculous escape from almost certain death after a boating accident in the lower Bahamas, and chronicles the challenging and adventurous life they stumbled into that would provide a new career for the next 23 years.

After they sold their sailboat, Capricorn, in 1980, they became the new owners of a 71’ Trumpy Houseboat, built in 1947. From 1980 until 1999, Dan and Judi Gilman owned and operated Capricorn Lady in the British Virgin Islands, hosting Oscar winners, film directors, royals, and families from around the world. The vessel, and her owners, was featured in many international yachting and travel magazines, and was one of the first motor vessels to do crewed charters in the Virgin Islands. Dan and Judi purchased another smaller Trumpy, Capricorn Mistress in 1985 to join the Lady at her Nanny Cay base, often running the two vessels in tandem to provide accommodations for large family reunions, and corporate charters. Licensed Captain, First Mate, and Master Chef, Judi, a Capricorn Lady, tells "all" with a sense of humor and obvious love for the life she shared with Captain Dan. Tales of charter guests, charter crews, colorful island characters, beloved friends, and life in the beautiful British Virgins, are spiced with the memories of years of hard work and accomplishment. Judi describes what life was really like, "below decks", on her successful charter yacht, as she and her husband strived to provide luxurious cruises for their guests, aboard a classic wooden yacht.

Judi embarked on her voyage of love and adventure with Dan in 1964, and during their life together, they shared many tests of their ability to adapt to new circumstances. Never separated, working together 24 hours a day, they were loved and admired by their charter guests, but failed to heal the wounds caused by their abrupt departure from their previous life. Two families suffered the pain of separation, never sailing across distant horizons to reach the shores of forgiveness. This phase of the Capricorn Lady’s journey culminated with Dan’s death from Lung Cancer in April 2003, after a fierce two-year battle for survival. Travel with Judi from the carefree golden sands of the Caribbean to the Cancer Centers in Oregon where Dan stood his final watch. Judi’s beloved Captain departed "across the bar" in Florence, Oregon, leaving her in a world far from the sunny islands of the Caribbean. Learning to cope without her beloved soul mate, while transitioning to a new and interesting life, is her new challenge for the future. Dreams and psychic occurrences during Judi’s life, and after Dan’s death, confirm the bonds of love that bind this Capricorn Lady and her Captain, "Forever". The Capricorn Lady’s Voyage will continue "Somewhere Beyond the Sea".