Sacred Heart Yoga: A Personal Resurrection Into Love pdf epub fb2

Sacred Heart Yoga: A Personal Resurrection Into Love by Virginia Ellen pdf epub fb2

Sacred Heart Yoga: A Personal Resurrection Into Love Author: Virginia Ellen
Title: Sacred Heart Yoga: A Personal Resurrection Into Love
ISBN: 0970558228
ISBN13: 978-0970558220
Other Formats: lit lrf azw mobi
Pages: 225 pages
Publisher: World Tree Press; Second Edition edition (February 15, 2005)
Language: English
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
Size PDF version: 1649 kb
Size EPUB version: 1309 kb
Subcategory: Exercise & Fitness

Sacred Heart Yoga: A Personal Resurrection Into Love by Virginia Ellen is an extraordinary work that gives readers the secret yoga that Jesus taught. It includes the scientific formulas that he demonstrated and lived. This profound yoga stems from a 1988 near death experience where Virginia Ellen came face-to-face with her teacher, Jesus. In that encounter, she agreed to change every concept or belief she held and resurrect these concepts or beliefs into higher consciousness, into love. Virginia became Jesus student, studied the Sacred Mysteries of The Science of the Sacred Heart and The Way of Personal Resurrection for eighteen years. The practice that Jesus taught Virginia dissolves the incorrect concepts, ideas, beliefs and disharmonies which are caused by separation. In Sacred Heart Yoga: A Personal Resurrection Into Love, Virginia Ellen details her journey with Jesus and shares the teachings that have taken her into union with her Sacred Self and the Holy Wisdom within her Sacred Heart. She masterfully weaves her story and personal evolution with the practice that she outlines for readers. Virginia walks the reader through the simple, profound Sacred Heart Yoga and invites everyone to practice and experience quantum leaps in consciousness as she has. With practice, each reader has the opportunity to come home to the Sacred Self within and to live the life they came to live. Under the direction of Jesus, Virginia Ellen created Sacred Heart Yoga for the western world to accelerate consciousness and effect spiritual growth. Here she beautifully weaves together the major forms of yoga, Karma, Bhakti, Gnana, Hatha, Kundalini, Laya, Pranayama, Raja and Tantra, into one practice. This mystical yoga contains eleven phases that catapult one into union with the God within. Each phase progresses the participant into deeper and deeper union with the Indwelling Beloved. Combining the multiple forms of yoga into one practice increases its power exponentially, whereby the Yoga becomes a quantum opportunity in consciousness evolution for the practitioner. Sacred Heart Yoga is best described as supreme or ultimate. It is supreme because it offers the opportunity to achieve union and oneness with the Sacred Self within. It is an ultimate, immersion yoga that totally captures and engages every part of the self, the conscious, the subconscious and the Super conscious. Each of these parts holds one intention; that is, to evolve and resurrect the human into the divine or to unite the prodigal child with the truth. During the course of Sacred Heart Yoga, the human self is being fed truth and love from the Sacred Self within. As the human or small self makes the choice to accept and embrace this new consciousness, it is resurrected into love and supreme union of that piece of the consciousness with the Sacred Self is available. Throughout the eleven phases of Sacred Heart Yoga, the practitioner is showered with grace, beauty and peace from the Sacred Self. As devotion and love for the Sacred Self increases, one hears the gentle, guiding voice within bringing messages of peace and wisdom. Then one begins to feel and understand God s love for them. The body becomes illuminated, the soul educated and the frequency quickened as the light becomes more alive within. Author, Virginia Ellen, describes how this ancient practice of postures, sacred sounds and prayers unlock the wisdom of the body while activating the brain and Sacred Seals making the true gifts of union available to the devoted one. Throughout the practice, the intellect is bypassed, taking the practitioner into the Sacred Heart of God where higher intelligence, peace and blissful love are expe