Aircraft Powerplants (Aviation technology series)
Aircraft Powerplants (Aviation technology series) by Michael J. Kroes, Ralph D. Aircraft Powerplants Bent
Aircraft Powerplants (Aviation technology series) Author: Michael J. Kroes, Ralph D. Aircraft Powerplants Bent
Title: Aircraft Powerplants (Aviation technology series)
ISBN: 007035569X
ISBN13: 978-0070355699
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Pages: 648 pages
Publisher: Glencoe/Mcgraw-Hill; 6th edition (June 1992)
Language: English
Category: Engineering & Transportation
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Subcategory: Engineering

Aircraft Powerplants, Seventh Edition, part of the Glencoe Aviation Technology Series (formerly the Northrop Series), is the most comprehensive up-to-date powerplant book on the market today. It has been revised to reflect the latest changes in FAR Part 147 and changing industry needs.

The new edition features expanded coverage of turbine engine theory and nomenclature. It also includes additional current models of turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines. Information on turbine engine fuel, oil, ignition systems has been expanded and divided into separate chapters. And the remainder of the turbine engine material is updated and presented apart from reciprocating engines, allowing for the flexibility of teaching this materials separately or together.

New material added to the propeller section deals with composite propellers, dynamic propeller blancing, and auxiliary propeller systems such as auto-feather, de-synchro-phasing, and de-ice. The updated and reorganized material on aircraft systems includes the latest information on control, indicating, and warning systems. Throughout the text, special emphasis has been laced on the integration of information regarding how individual components and systems operate together.