Getting Ready for Windows 95 pdf epub fb2

Getting Ready for Windows 95 by Sharon Crawford, Charlie Russel pdf epub fb2

Getting Ready for Windows 95 Author: Sharon Crawford, Charlie Russel
Title: Getting Ready for Windows 95
ISBN: 0782115209
ISBN13: 978-0782115208
Other Formats: rtf lrf mbr docx
Pages: 250 pages
Publisher: Sybex Inc (January 1, 1995)
Language: English
Category: Computers & Technology
Size PDF version: 1889 kb
Size EPUB version: 1309 kb
Subcategory: Operating Systems

Getting Ready for Windows 95 gives you the facts you need to make the right choice. There's no hype, no Microsoft advertising, no technobabble - just a clear, easy-to-understand discussion of the advantages (and disadvantages) of making the big move.Should you upgrade your system? An invaluable decision tree points you to the answer. If you need to upgrade, you'll find complete coverage of your hardware and software options.What are you using now? Find out how Windows 95 is different from Windows 3.1, DOS, and OS/2, and whether you can continue using your existing applications.What makes Windows 95 worth the effort? Learn about limitless memory, built-in networking capabilities, brainless hardware installation, longer file names, the built-in Microsoft Network and Internet connections, and real, honest-to-God multitasking.You'll also explore the new bundled application and changes in the desktop and control panels. A special appendix explains why Windows 95 is no longer a DOS shell, and why this fundamental change makes it almost impossible to crash your system. Finally.