Leo's Baton (Disney's Little Einsteins) pdf epub fb2

Leo's Baton (Disney's Little Einsteins) by Marcy Kelman, Andy Mastrocinque pdf epub fb2

Leo's Baton (Disney's Little Einsteins) Author: Marcy Kelman, Andy Mastrocinque
Title: Leo's Baton (Disney's Little Einsteins)
ISBN: 1435204379
ISBN13: 978-1435204379
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Language: English
Category: Children's Books
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Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life

Oh, no! Leo has lost his baton. What happens when he can’t find it right before one of the teams most important missions? Can Annie, Quincy and June help him find it in time?Building on the success of the Baby Einstein’s 93% U.S. brand awareness, Little Einsteins keeps with the unique educational philosophy of using classical music, art, and real-world imagery to engage and teach preschoolers about the natural world around them. Anchored by a U.S.Video/DVD premiere in August 2005 and followed by a much-anticipated TV series in October 2005, the Little Einsteins series is sure to be the next beloved brand on the preschool reading level.