Choices: Escaping the Illusion of Being a Victim pdf epub fb2

Choices: Escaping the Illusion of Being a Victim by Nancy Peterson Fischer pdf epub fb2

Choices: Escaping the Illusion of Being a Victim Author: Nancy Peterson Fischer
Title: Choices: Escaping the Illusion of Being a Victim
ISBN: 0977418308
ISBN13: 978-0977418305
Other Formats: mbr doc lrf lit
Pages: 236 pages
Publisher: WriteOn Publishing Company, LLC (November 28, 2005)
Language: English
Category: Biographies & Memoris
Size PDF version: 1791 kb
Size EPUB version: 1711 kb
Subcategory: Ethnic & National

After nearly a half-century of choosing to be a victim, Nancy Fischer began experiencing flashbacks of long-forgotten childhood incest. The discovery propelled her into an extraordinary journey of self-discovery that included many nontraditional and alternative therapies. The result is that Nancy escaped the illusion of being a victim and chose instead a life of empowerment and self love with the realization that we create our own realities through the decisions we make. If you are tired of repeatedly finding yourself in the role of victim and are ready to break the pattern of behavior that creates this victimization, Choices: Escaping the Illusions of Being a Victim is for you. Nancy will help you uncover the agreements you entered into before birth that lead to dysfunctional human experiences and show you how to escape these illusions we create. "If you're looking for straight talk about healing the hidden shame within, this book offers a clear mirror for all of us. A very understandable message about growing beyond the seduction of our own ego parts that feed on the illusion of power from victimhood." John A. McMullin, H.C., Ph.D./c Founder, Journeys of Wisdom and Holistic Coaching Institute, Inc. "Nancy Fischer takes you into her life and experiences from the depths of denial and despair to true empowerment. Through courage and understanding, Nancy has chosen and achieved liberation. Choices: Escaping the Illusion of Being a Victim is a must read for victims of abuse who are ready to remove their blinders and be healed." --Aria Magi, children's book author The Lulilites and The Star of Seven Rays "What a book! You'll alternately be laughing and crying. What courage it takes to share the most intimate aspects of your life. We all have something to learn about our sacred contracts." --George C. Wallach, Author, Harvest of Illusion