The Geoffrey Hartman Reader pdf epub fb2

The Geoffrey Hartman Reader by Geoffrey H. Hartman pdf epub fb2

The Geoffrey Hartman Reader Author: Geoffrey H. Hartman
Title: The Geoffrey Hartman Reader
ISBN: 0748620176
ISBN13: 978-0748620173
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Pages: -
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press (2004)
Language: English
Category: Biographies & Memoris
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Subcategory: Arts & Literature

Geoffrey Hartman is a pivotal figure in twentieth-century literary thinking,especially in literary theory and its transformation into such fields as Holocauststudies, trauma studies, and work on witnessing and testimony. The essays inthis reader, preceded by an important autobiographical introduction, presentthe full range of Hartman’s interests, which cover almost the entire field ofcontemporary literature and culture―from poetry through psychoanalysisand trauma studies to midrash and the media revolution.

Throughout his career, starting with his earliest books on Romantic literature,Hartman has interrogated the possibility of a healing culture of vision, one thatcould travel from one civilization to another and could satisfy safely rather thanexacerbate self-destructively the repetitive human drive to reverse time andexact apocalyptic vengeance.